22" Premium RGB Tri-Colour Glow Necklaces (50/tube or 600/case)

22" Premium RGB Tri-Colour Glow Necklaces (50/tube or 600/case)

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Red, Green and Blue Tri-Colour Glow Necklaces in bulk tubes of 50.

Packaging: Tube of 50 glow necklaces, connectors attached to one end.

Color:  Red-Green-Blue or Red-Green-Blue

Size: 22 inches, 6mm

Materials: Plastic and non-toxic glow chemicals

Instructions: 1 time use only, simply bend the light stick until you hear and feel the crack on the inside. 

Take your party to the next level with our Premium Tri-Colour Glow Necklaces in Red, Green, Blue!

These glow necklaces include three vibrant colors: red, white, and blue. They're great for spirit events, school dances, 4th of July festivities, and as holiday decorations. Get creative and put them in a Christmas wreath or tree to give it the perfect glow. They can be worn around the neck, around the head, and even as a belt by connecting multiple sticks together.

Have fun and stand out in these nifty glow necklaces!

Warning: Glow sticks contain non-toxic chemicals, never cut or ingest the tubes or chemicals.

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