4" Green Preimum Glow Sticks (pack of 24)

4" Green Preimum Glow Sticks (pack of 24)

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4" Green Premium Glow Sticks

Packaging: Sold as a bulk pack of 24 4" green glow sticks. Lanyards included.

Color: Green

Size: 4 inches

Materials: Plastic and non-toxic glow chemicals.

Instructions: To activate the glow stick, bend it until you hear or feel the inside crack, shake it up to allow the glow chemicals to fully mix and react. They're for one time use only.

Our 4" Green Premium Glow Sticks are fun and easy to use. They're perfect for theme parties, St. Patrick's Day festivities, fundraisers, and birthday celebrations. Get creative and use them in a Nature or Christmas themed project for school. Use them as safety lights when camping or exercising at night. With the help of lanyards, included in each pack, the glow sticks can be hung from many places and worn around the neck, wrists and arms.  

Warning: Do not cut open glow sticks, they contain chemicals. These chemicals are not toxic but should never be ingested.

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